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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flat pack workshop for the Argapa embassy

I know the big Swedish furniture store sells a table called Sven, but if they didn't they could sell this mobile workshop. Or they couldn't of course, not with their focus on shite quality and fake materials. 

Despite my bitter feelings towards them I used one if their bags. 

In it were a Sjöbergs vise, my neck carving jig, nine neck blanks (I counted to eight yesterday but I was wrong apparently), three socks and a roll of tools. 

Here's what I think I'll need for carving the necks:
The vise
The jig
Measuring tools
Marking knife and marking guages
Japanese saw, for rip and cross cuts
Carving knives and chisel
Sharpening utensils

There's a brass plane next to the marking tools, it should've been with the other planes. 

I knocked a base together for the vise and screwed it down to the front porch. 

And here's an action pic of the Argapanator in full swing and a stupid hat. The shöp is open! Carving necks. I just love it. 

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