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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back on track

My left hand is doing fine. Not a single drop of blood or anything else has emerged since the stitch up and it doesn't hurt a bit. So today it was time to get a move on with all the ukes I'm working on. When I bent the sides for the six resos I was sure two or three of them would wait while I worked on the first few, but so far I'm still doing them all in parallel. The neck blanks were prepared and I'm going to carve them all to the stage where they only need a light scraping or sanding. And today I whipped out the drum sander to prepare wood for the Argapa 100, and thought why not take those sides down to the exact height of the skeletons. 

First a rough cut on the band saw, then some passes with a block plane before sending them through the sander. Look at the stack now!

We're getting closer to glueing the tops on, and that means double checking my customers' weird requests for special shapes. 

Then I fed some of the nice Honduran mahogany through the sander, and laid out a soundboard and a back for Argapa 100. I could also squeeze in either a top and back for a piccolo, or maybe two backs for piccolos with spruce or cedar tops. Or one of each. I'll think about that later, the plan is to make a couple for the raffle at next year's Raystock jamboree. And maybe one for GNUF. I don't know. 

But today was about Argapa 100. Which was sort of ordered in 2010 by a friend but will be built for me. 

And then of course I carved another neck. I'll carve a couple more tomorrow. The pic shows the kevlar glove on my left hand. I hold the knife with my right hand when I'm not taking pics. 

And the result then. With no new cuts or wounds. 

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