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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Prögress on Argapa 100

Don't worry, the resos are coming along nicely all six of them. A neck gets carved now and then, the tops are marked for hole positions etc. 

But now I will show you the latest and presumably greatest in mahogany goodness. The Argapa 100*.

In the pic above you can clearly see Angry Monkey and Legöhead arguing about the optimal placing of braces and and bars. It never gets quiet or lonely in the shöp with these guys around. 

The wood in the soundboard is from dad's old stash from the 1960's, the same as a few other sopranos I've made. 

Next pic (above) shows the sides, or side as it is a one piece rim. I was going for two halves bent with blanket and form but something went south and I turned to my backup plan and the hot pipe. On the plus side I skipped the end block since I don't have a joint there now. 

For linings I used a special method. First a thin strip of bass wood bent to shape on the pipe was glued in, and on that the regular kerfed lining strip. The difference in stiffness is remarkable. I haven't decided whether or not I'll bind this uke. Maybe I should, seeing this is number 100 and all. 

*Getting this to end up as number 100 in the grand scheme of things will require me finishing five of the resos, then this one and then the sixth reso. Doable. 

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