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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I'm draw filing the edges and fret ends. Once they're straight and flush I check against the neck where it belongs. I want it exact or a smidge narrower than the neck so I can scrape the neck back to the fretboard. 

This time I don't bevel the fret ends before glueing, I want to use my new fret end bevelling file. 

Holding it in place I trace an end shape. This is the classic Argapa reso fretboard end shape, but strangely enough I haven't used it in a while. 

Sawing it out with my Knew concepts saw, then refining the cuts with a Bahco file. 

But what's this? A staple? Yes. I put teo of them into the neck and cut them off. The pointy ends will stop the fretboard from sliding around in the glue. It's important to press the board down so the brads go into the wood before you add the glue. 

And this is after clamping the fretboard down with the rubber hose, a slotted maple caul, a few clamps and a wedge at the nut end. 

But what of the rest of the batch? Don't worry, they're all done already. I'll show you the different end shapes next time. 

A lot of scraping and sanding is next. Woo bloody hoo... sanding. 

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