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Friday, July 28, 2017

Restoring a couple of saws

Something must've happened to my local fleamarket - I've scored several quality hand tools lately. These two saws I got for just 50 kronor (4 quid or 6 dollars). The smaller one is filed for ripping and the larger is for cross cutting. 

They were rusty and the handles are grimy and a bit nasty to touch. At least the screws came out effortlessly. 

I scraped off the old finish and will use Tru-oil. The smaller one looks better and is more comfortable. 

I put the blades in vinegar over night, this was supposed to get the rust off. Scrubbing with a brass brush, I saw that it had worked. 

Then I rinsed them in the lake and scrubbed some more. 

This is were we're at, two coats of oil on the handles and a light machine oil on the blades. The etching on the smaller saw appeared but was a bit damaged by the vinegar. The saw is English, I recognized the stamp but I can't make the name out. 

What's that I hear you grumble? Not enough ukulele action? Okay, have a look at this cedar neck. More to follow, I promise. 

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