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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Travel uke at full speed!

I continued working on the travel uke, too much fun to stop now. First pic, cutting lengthwise with my Pax rip saw to remove the bulk of the waste. 

Then I shaped the neck with my spokeshaves. The smallest one was a gift from my mate Patsy, a fine man. 

Then slotting for frets with my slot cutting jig, the one I use for my piccolos. 

Slots cut, frets pressed in, bridge made and glued in place. The holes on the side is for the tuners, I nicked the placement (as well as most everything else) off the Risa stick ukes. The string holes are fitted with ferrules of a tiny brass tube I bought at the hobby store. 

And it's done. As I write this it's actually stringed and tuned to pitch but I'll post the glamour shots and a video tomorrow. 

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