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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Progress on the double necker

I know - it’s cracked up to be a ukulele building blog. I apologize, making this twin neck monstrosity has just been too much fun. 

Let’s see some pics. During the most exciting phases where a pic really would’ve been worth something, I naturally didn’t whip the camera (phone) out. Sorry ’bout that but what can a poor boy do. 

First pic shows the successful drilling and routing job, I fit the pickups in a cavity each and then used a really long drill bit to connect the holes. It means I don’t need a pick guard to hide channels for cables. 

Then I bit the bullet and power sanded the body for an hour. I’d made the arm rest bevel and the belly cut with planes and draw knifes but really needed the help from my Festo ROS. 

The necks will be attached to the body with machine screws going into these steel inserts. The inserts are fiddly to get in straight but makes for a rock solid joint. 

I don’t have any idea of what colour Lars wants, so I just dropped a wash coat of shellac as a sealer for starters. It looks a bit like an old Peavey guitar now!

And then the black magic. Wiring the pots and making guesses about what goes where. 

Tuners are at the post office and strings are upstairs. Not a long way to go before playing it. And then perhaps a complete disassembly to paint it. 

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