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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Double necker done, on to ukes

Great news - the ekectric guitar is done and as of yesterday; delivered. It’s a tone monster. At rehearsal it really shone. 

The P90 for the tenor neck got a hand cut ring of black acrylic. Horrible material to work with but the result was good. 

Lars chose to go with the natural finish, we’ll see how it holds up. 

Gibson speed knobs blended well with the black and chrome theme we got going. 

And apparently it’s not that cumbersome to wield. 

Then some resawing of wood for future ukuleles. I got this set from my friend Stuart, maybe enough for a guitar back but with some creative parting it’ll be enough for a bookmatched back and front for a reso. 

A matching fingerboard blank will supply the sides, I’m splitting it with one of the saws I salvaged this summer. 

And then a lump of cherry was sliced for a piccolo and yet another lute ukulele. Stay tuned for progress on those. 

Maybe I can wait with buying a new bandsaw. This works ok but it is a lot of work. 

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