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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Piccolo neck carved, and progress on mock lute

I carved the neck for the piccolo in progress, as always my favourite task during any build. I started out by making recesses as entry and exit points. 

The rasp makes short work of it, at the heel and at the headstock end. This piece of cherry has a bit of figure to it, and is quite hard. 

Then with a couple of different spokeshaves (but mostly this small one) I connect the recesses, keeping the width and creating the slight v-shape that I favour. 

Ta-daa! It was over much too soon. Around twenty minutes and that was working slow on purpose to make it last longer. 

Then I bent a couple of walnut pieces to close the back of the mock lute. I’m not a hundred percent sure of my strategy yet, it will become clear in a few days. 

Here are the pieces clamped to the rest of the mock lute, the joints were ok but needed some adjustments afterwards. 

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