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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Final construction steps on mr. Monteleone's piccolo

Some rather interesting procedures have been made, without blog posts. And even worse, not all is photographed!

But today I will show you a few things. First is the piece of ebony in which I inlaid a star of mother-of-pearl. I made the five pieces first, with my Knew concepts fret saw. An excellent tool, there's a post about it somewhere around here. Then I scribed the contours on the ebony and routed most of the cavities with my Proxxon drill and its coordinate table, and since it was held there rock solid I left it there as I glued in the MOP and levelled it all. 

Then I sawed out the round disc which was inlaid into the headstock. This proved quite dramatic as the glue stuck to a caul and a couple of splinters got torn out of the ebony. I won't go about it the same way next time, and I've gotten great advice from a couple of master builders. 

The fretboard was fretted and glued on yesterday. In the next pics you'll see me sneaking the neck contour up against the edge of the fretboard. Li took the pics! She knows a good shaving now from a poor one. 

Then we move on to the bridge! I made a really sweet small ebony bridge and the last pics show the preparation and then glueing. 

Now I'll start another piccolo I think, but a standard model of cherry. 

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