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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Restless mind, busy body

Well of course I could've waited 'til number 68 was dispatched but sides were already bent and Michael's been very polite so I started number 69 already.

The top got its patch and single brace yesterday and the rim was lined, so today I levelled the edge and crammed it down on the solera. 

The middle go-bar presses down on the bridge patch to keep the domed shape of the top, the other bars aren't really doing anything. My screw setup is working great! Well worth the expense of investing, a hunnerd bucks as I recall. 

Then the neck blank. What you see is the Sjöberg Smart Vise, a bench front vise for... benches. Without a front vise. I just got it and it seems to be a good addition to the dungeon. 

First the fretboard area was trued, and a line squared across in the approximate location of the nut. Then the headstock got it from my number 3 smoother. 

And after the kids went to bed I took the rim out to show the dome of the soundboard, in these last pics. Goodnight!

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