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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Breaking it down

I've been working with the three resos the last week and I've noticed that I tend to divide the work into bite sized steps. This is a must for an intermittent builder such as myself, and I've probably been doing it for a long time. The difference now is that I'm aware of it. 

So; sanding plates is one step (a very time consuming if you prepare material for several ukes). Rough sawing neck blanks is another. Planing and scribing necks; drawing and sawing out soundboard and back; bending sides; glueing sides to the skeleton; trimming down the sides to height; carving the neck; marking out and making the holes in the top; glueing ghe top tobthe skeleton - all of them are one step each. 

This is of course applicable to acoustic instruments as well. If I think of these steps and then try to make an entire step every time I get time in the workshop, then the chances of forgetting something or starting the next step or process before the preceding one is finished, are minimized. 

And this last week I've managed to make at least one thing every morning, and a couple of others almost every night. So here's where we stand, all three set of sides for the resos are bent and two of them are glued. I bent the third set tonight (it was very hard to bend that mystery wood), and clamped it to the skeleton to cool and hopefully set. 

And the other night when the iron was hot I bent the sides for a koa soprano, and tonight I made a bridge patch from wood from a 100 year old piano. I thought of making two koa sopranos but I think one is enough. 


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