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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wells, holes and cleats

I keep all resonator related posts labelled but I use the same label, "resonator batch production". That was really fitting for the first six skeletons but it feels a bit old now. Especially when these three are coming on like a locomotive (be sure to look up the Motörhead track Locomotive, one of the four new ones included on the compilation No remörse). They could use their own label. 

But it's a simple diary blog of a simple man so most likely I'll trudge on as I have since 2008.

Last night I lined the wells with a thin strip of fir. I started doing this when the Delta resonator cones I ordered and paid dearly for never came - a curse on Colin of DRC! - and I had to buy others. The DRC ones were 6" and the replacements were 5 7/8" so I wanted to shrink the wells a wee bit. Then I liked it and kept it as a way of hiding the plywood edge. 

The fir veneer is ancient and comes from an old architect's model shop. 

I then cut the soundholes and experience says it's best to cut to the exact size, which for me is 150 mm diameter. I place the center on the center line at 91 or 92 mm from the edge of the skeleton's outline. I measured twice, if not more. 

And this morning I trimmed the well linings flush, clamped the tops in place and added small cleats to hold them in position. Tentalons from kerfed lining strips does the job, but easy on the superglue. The positioning is important since I need to trace the openings in the skeletons on the underside of the top before cutting the soundholes. 

I noticed that it would have been easier if I'd left a bit more overhang. I'll do that next time. How I will remember? Why, by reading this blog of course!

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