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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Three more resonators started

I picked out three sets of wood to go with three of the new skeletons. One alder, one ash, and one that I can't really remember what it is. Maybe something called olive ash? I think it came from America when I bought wood from a luthier who was relocating and emptied his shop. But maybe it was that other bloke. I've collected from many. 

In the first pic they're sanded to thickness. 

And here they're sawn out. I've decided to use the neck parts that are destined for lamination for these three so I made center strips of cherry for them. Laminating will make them strong enough so I can skip the carbon fibre rod, which I've come to dislike - it's hard to shape and I'm not fond of epoxy. 

These three resos will share some common features and I'll build them parallel. I might throw in a koa soprano or two at the same time so I don't get too narrow minded but this is what I'll focus on. 

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