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Thursday, December 14, 2017


My customer for the piccolo sent me a small piece of wood he got from a relative. My task is to incorporate it into the cherry uke. It’s snakewood and not totally solid, so I won’t use it for anything structural. 

First attempt is inlaying a strip across the headstock. If it goes south I’ll grap another neck blank. First I used the strip as a guide for the marking knife, then I used chisels to make the groove. 

Had I thought more about it beforehand I would have matched the snakewood strip to a narrow Berg chisel for cleaning the bottom of the groove. Now that chisel was a teeny bit too wide so I used some miniature chisels. Hm. As I write this my miniature rabbet plane. I could have used that. 

Despite tool confusion I got a perfect fit and glued it in. I think it’ll look very nice when it’s planed flush. 

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