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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Neck blank for lute uke

Merry whatever, and a happy another!

I’m making another lute inspired ukulele. Someone asked me nicely and I couldn’t say no. I have some special tuners on the way so I made a neck blank with that crazy lute angle. 

Here’s the piece. I started out by severing the headstock. 

Then I made an angled joint with a straight tenon for some added long grain glue surfaces. 

Checking the fit. Decided to accept the looks of it. I really need to look at a few pictures of real lutes before going far. 

Glued and trimmed flush. The headstock will be an open box, like what you see on a violin. The tuners come from Wittner, internally geared just like pegheds. 

And I attached the neck to the piccolo I’m working on. Not much remaining now; frets, back braces, back, bridge and tuners. 

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