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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Saturday well spent

An electrician was supposed to come and fix stuff today but couldn't make it. So I got some time for myself in the cave. 

The zs piccolos got a few coats of shellac. They are starting to look really good. 

And would you believe it, I actually routed off the excess from the top and back with a flush cut bit! My small router that I found in the trash years ago works really good, it's mounted in a board that I clamp to the bench. I'll show pics next time it's up. 

Not much left now on this one:

What else... well there's the planing board I threw together from thick birch plywood and a sample of a rubber roofing sheet. The friction alone will hold small parts but I also cut dados with my plow plane so I can put wooden strips as planing stops. Doesn't matter if the plane hits one of those of course. 

I started on a rather lovely spruce top. I think I want a spruce top soprano. With rosewood back and sides. 

Anyway here are the dados and stops in a close-up. One of the stops is an old guitar brace that I swapped. 

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