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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Resonator activities

Last time I got out to the big workshop someone had left with the router table. So today I brought my jerry rigged table with the smaller router. 

It works really well, just have to make sure it's securely clamped. 

And then this! A fantastic old book press that I got from my friend, it's now essential in the making of reso skeletons. Clamping large flat pieces together is rather tricky without a press and this one is perfectly flat and very powerful. 

I make the skeletons by layering plywood pieces of different thickness. Between the glueing steps I route out the well and the contours using the top most piece as a guide for the flush cut router bit. 

Then I cut out the bottom of the well so what remains is just a ledge for the cone. 

And now, duct tape in luthery! I taped two halves tightly together and drilled the holes around the edges. These holes are for 8 mm dowels, and I placed them so the dowels will protrude outside the plywood. I'll sand that off to get a flat spot for the sides to rest on. 

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