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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bridge on zero sanding piccolo

It seems that the first step where I really missed sandpaper was the final shaping of the bridge. With the small areas, the complex geometry and the grain it's really hard to get it good with just edge tools. But I will sharpen a smaller scraper tonight and get it done. 

But what of the planes? I hear you ask. Well yesterday evening I cleaned out the drawer under the bench and tossed a fair bit of crap that had been hiding there for too long. Now my bench planes have a good home! Smaller planes, and my giant jointer, are still in and on the tool shrine, I mean tool cabinet. 

And the ash reso I'm making for my mate Andy has its top glued on, and a neck of Swedish alder picked out. 

I need to step up a gear, not because I'm in a hurry but because I tend to get bored if things take too long. And if I'm bored I always start another project and this time I really shouldn't because I PROMISED MYSELF I WILL FIX MY DOBRO GUITAR. There. Now you all know it so please remind me if you see me bending some soprano sides...

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