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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Sorry for not posting, the day job's been intense. Here's a report on the finishing procedure. 

As you might remember, I now give my ukes heavier first coats of shellac. And then I scrape most of it off again. Sometimes this will fill the pores, if not it's an excellent base for filling said pores with chalk (which I use instead of pumice).

At this time I have yet to decide if the mahogany soprano I'm making for the raffle at Hollesley will get the chalk treatment. But it did get scraped yesterday. 

Looks bad now, but this is only in preparation for the polishing. 

The top. Note that the bridge and the fretboard is also mahogany, from the same board as the rest. 

Simon's resonator does show promise I think. It's had three base coats but isn't scraped yet. 

And the top side. Thanks for looking!

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