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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Routing for inlay

Forgot to print at the office? Don't have a printer at home? Stop whining. Need a printer, be a printer! But don't post pics of it online, that would be stupid. 

I'm doing a fretboard inlay for Simon inna old skool stylee. I glued the drafting paper on and traced the contours with a scalpel. Then I drilled corners and ends. 

Hog out the bulk with a 3 mm router bit. I put my Proxxon drill in my home made base. 

Then finer details and closer to the scribed lines with a 2 mm bit...

... before final detailing with a 1 mm bit. It has less a will of its own, something to do with diameter dependent leverage I suspect, but it can go off at a tangent. I keep a firm grip on the base, even foresaking the need of holding the hose from the shopvac. 

And it's almost done. NOWIS. Looking good. Now is, indeed, the time for...

... refining the cavities with chisels and patience. 

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