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Sunday, May 31, 2015


First time in ages I made something in an interesting way, and I forgot to take pics of the progress. I'll do that next time, since this will be the method from now on. 

So lacking pictures of it half done, we go straight to the end result. 

It's ebony from an fretboard offcut I found. I bought a couple of guitar fretboard blanks and ripped them to width before slicing them, so this was a decent chunk to work with. 

Here it is with more light on it. 

The holes for the strings are angled so they miss the screws. What screws, I hear you ask. These, that hold it from beneath. 

I also prepared the biscuit, the saddle and drilled all the holes for the coverplate. Not much left now! Just tuners, a nut and a final polish. 

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