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Friday, March 25, 2016

A great leap revealed!

I'm quite proud to announce that Argapa as a brand and phenomenon finally joined the last century. All of you who follow this blog know the stress and the perils I was subject to when I was making the plywood skeletons for my resonator ukes. (In case you've missed that just trawl through the posts labelled "resonator batch production", a label that will be retired soon.)

So I made a computer model of the skeletons in Rhinoceros and had a wonderful carpenter company, Lövsättra Snickerier, take a look at it. They managed to translate the file into the language their humungous cnc router speaks, so they can now make skeletons for me faster, safer and with a better and much more consistent result. Worth the money for sure. 

The top half is made from a single piece of thicker plywood. Remember, I had to route, laminate, route, laminate, route and cut the hole. In the pic above you see the dowels I need for assembly. 8 mm in diameter and exactly 50 mm long. Exactly 50 mm? How I did that? Funny you should ask, I did document the proceedings. 

A small cross cut sled for the miniature table saw where the dowel fit, and a small clamp as a length gauge. Then they needed a chamfer at each end and they won't fit an ordinary pencil sharpener...

Good thing I have a multi diameter sharpener that I bought in a gift shop at the museum. 

Now I'm at the cottage for easter, so in the big workshop I cut some plywood for neck blocks. 

And then it's time to assemble the first of the next generation Argapa reso skeletons! Let's whip out ye olde 20 kilo book press. In the background you can see the banjo uke I bought from Phil Doleman, a gentleman I'm proud to call my friend. Next to it is the cheap gas station set of tools I used to set it up. A labour of love, and violence. 

First I set all the dowels into the top half, making sure they were flush to the top. Then it's time to clamp!

And it's drying as I type this. First one of eight, that's as many as I have the metal parts for. All, or at least seven, are spoken for. 

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