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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Back braces, backs and reso sides

After a certain amount of fiddling, the neck went onto the walnut / cedar soprano. This might be the last softwood top I make in a while, they're so darn sensitive. After scraping and sanding most blemishes out it now has a marvellous tap tone, so I'll go out in style. 

In the pic the back braces are set into the piccolo as well. 

And then the back on the piccolo is glued on, on the workboard. 

I put in two back braces on the soprano before setting the neck, then the third yesterday. So now, after a quick spin in the radius dish, the back gets prepped. I remove the reinforcing cross grain strip (it's an off-cut from the top) at the spots where the braces are. 

And now it's clamped down. While I did this the hot pipe was warming up...

... and I bent sides for two resonator sopranos. The wood is cherry which is quite easy to bend, but today it went so much better than usual. The very simple reason: the hot pipe (or bending iron) was hotter. Often I start too early because I'm an impatient jerk. Never again!

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