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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scattered mind, scattered progress

I'll come clean right away - I've been dabbling with electronics. I bought a kit for making a fuzz pedal but since I am such a foolish snob I bought a much smaller box than was recommended. The first one was way too small so a slightly larger is on the bench now. 

But sorry, you're here to see your ukes being built!

Using my trusty old perspex jig I made all the fret slots in the piccolo's neck. There's no separate fretboard and the jig is necessary for making the slots perpendicular to the centre line. 

The slot at the nut end makes the end of a shelf for the nut. Look at those measly shavings! I'm ashamed and vow that I will sharpen all my chisels before the next full moon. 

A few wash coats of shellac and the neck is ready for the frets. I won't do that tonight though, I need to be more alert and focused. 

But trimming off the excess material on the reso sides, anyone could do that anytime. Block plane and paring chisel and no dust at all. Sometimes I send the bodies through the thickness sander but that won't be necessary this time. Because unlike the chisel of shame above, the paring chisel is sharp. 

And tomorrow morning I'll slot a fretboard for the cedar / walnut soprano. I think I'll use this one if only I can remember what wood it is. This uke is going to the US so I should know and list all wood species to avoid any trouble at the border. Maybe I'll use a board of English laburnum, because I know where that's from. 

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