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Friday, March 18, 2016

Soprano fretboarded and resos topped

Well verbs schmerbs - what I mean is the fretboard is slotted, tapered, marked, fretted and glued to the neck. This will be a very clean and lovely sounding soprano. Not ding free, the cedar stopped me from going there, but symmetrical and well proportioned. 

Here it is, with my Slayer set list in the background. 

But what is this? CBU:s? No, it's the cherry resos!

I remembered all the steps, and the order in which to make them. Turns out it makes for quite a list. 

- cut the big hole
- align the skeleton with the hole
- draw a line around the skeleton, and in the openings for the soundholes
- measure and find the centre of the openings
- drill pilot hole at that centre and cut the soundholes
- sand the edges of the soundholes with the abrasive funnel (impossible to do after the mesh goes in)
- cut the mesh, place it with magnets and glue it with epoxy (leave to dry)
- align the skeleton in the pencil line and check that the edge of the big hole is correctly aligned
- glue small cleats on with super glue, making sure no glue touches the sides on the skeleton
- put titebond glue on the face of the skeleton
- place inside the cleats and clamp it. 

I clamped the two of them together with a mouse mat between them. Here's a shot of the underside. 

I'll attempt to fret the piccolo this weekend, I should finish the acoustics before making the necks for the resos. But neck carving is so much fun. 

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