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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Proper resawing

After the disaster a couple of weeks ago I brought the framesaw to the humble abode of the Argapanator. And even though these pics are a few days old and I've been to Buenos Aires since, I wanted to show you the progress towards more resonator ukuleles. 

The chunks I kerfed should yield a few sets, but I think I need to sharpen the frame saw - can't remember it being this heavy to use.

I went for thicker slices to minimize the risk, and that gives me an opportunity to let loose the scrub plane later. Wouldn't want to do it all in the sander, much too messy. 

And the walnut. I have one more cherry slice to make, then I should have wood for quite a few skeletons. 

The strap clamp was essential by the way. If it's not rock solid it will drive you mad. 

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