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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Resawing walnut

I've had a huge walnut plank for many years and I haven't gotten around to using it. But since I wasted all that cherry last time I tried to resaw I thought why not make a couple of resos in walnut. 

First pic shows the plank after I cut it off with a lovely panel saw. 

Then I sliced off two 60 mm boards to be cut to one piece sides, and cut the remainder into three boards to become tops and backs. 

The pic shows the shorter boards and a left over block of cherry I had, might as well slice it up too. I ran everything through the planer so the kerfing plane has good faces and edges to register on. 

I counted the expected yield before I started cutting. In Sweden we say, don't sell the skin before you shoot the bear, but I came to the conclusion I'd get sides for loads of ukes and tops and backs for fewer. So I gave a damn about the waste of wood and sliced the sides on the table saw. 

Since the frame saw is at home I'll use the kerfing plane and bring all the kerfed boards home with me. As you can tell I'm at the cottage and the large workshop. 

And what else is by the cottage? Why, the pizza oven of course! First time this season so a moderate fire. Hot enough for a casserole and pot bread, look. 

Dough, stick and pot. 

Pot is pre-heated and oiled, then the dough is chucked in. 

Around 40 minutes. Very good, it was. 

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