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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The great side bending project

So after installing a new shower and seeing to the laundry and making dinner it was time to fire up the bending iron. While it was getting warm I nailed a piece of sheet steel to an angle made from two bits of wood, to assist me in bending. I will show action pics next time. 

I picked up a rib of cherry. I planed the dowels on one of the skeletons so they were flush with the plywood. I made a plan for the evening, first cherry, then walnut, then cherry again before the first maple one. Then the other maple and the last walnut. It felt right. 

But then my boy came home so after the first rib we sat down to watch Alien 3. I did make a sideways spool clamp though, for the waist, and I'm very pleased with it. Makes tensioning the one piece rib easy.

I'll continue tomorrow. With a maple one, then a walnut...

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