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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The great side bending project, redux

It was just as well as it happened last week. It was a much better procedure to bend and then glue one at the time, and the only drawback I can think of is using a bit more electricity heating up the iron six times instead of one. 

First pic shows the gadget I made, saves the fingers and reduces the risk of splintering the wood on the outside of the bend. 

I put glue on the skeleton and start applying the wee clamps at the middle. Doing one at the time also saves me from owning a thousand of these, now I get by with what seems like several hundred. 

They exert little pressure each one of them, but combined it must amount to... a few kilos. 

This is where a one piece rim really shines, it's possible to tension it with the horizontal spool clamp at the waist. Then a few of my quick clamps finish the upper bout and the heel end. 

This is the stack of five, the sixth is the one with the clamps and not in the pic. 

And a pic where I try to capture my skillz. The joint is tight all the way around. With all this practice I've gotten fast, from start to finished clamping it takes around 25 minutes. Starting when the iron is hot of course. 

Next I'll reinforce six neck blanks and maybe carve them. I'm not sure I want to glue the tops since the humidity is up in the workshop. 

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