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Friday, September 16, 2016

Attaching necks

After the joyful experience with the disc sander last weekend (a sentence never before written, I'm sure) I was well prepared for drilling and attaching. 

It might be my experience piling up, but no doubt the clean and exactly made skeletons of this batch help - it was so much easier than it was last time. And since I attach the neck before glueing the back I have relatively easy access to the screw. 

So far four reso necks, and that spare neck did come in handy. One of the necks had a heel that was too delicate and the drill went through when I drilled for the barrel bolt. I smacked on a faceplate and the spare will be good to go. 

And I went ahead with Argapa 100 too, but stopped just when I reached for the glue. Did I say I was gonna put binding on this one? Well now's the time, it's harder if the neck is in place. Avoided future senior moment by storing barrel bolt and screw in the neck. 

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