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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Binding Argapa 100

Stopped attaching the neck at the last minute when I remembered I promised you binding on this one. I went with a plain black single ply binding strip, to match the plain black rosette I made. I started by scoring the width and the depth with a marking gauge and my home made gramil. 

As always when using the gramil I consider doing the whole job with just that but I caved and went with the router. 

After nipping out to the cottage, as I'm sure you see by the background and the daylight. 

I set the router for a wee bit deeper than the binding width and planned to scrape the sides down to the strip. That way I can get a consistent width all way round, which is really important for thin binding. 

Then I cleaned the rabbet best I could with a chisel, and then glued in the binding strip. 

Then scraping the binding down to the top, and then the sides down to the binding. I don't have pics of the last step. As you may see the oven was getting warm, dinner was had and the final steps were taken at the dinner table after dessert. 

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