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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Technical relapse

Earlier this week, after glueing all the faceplates on, I started looking at the heels. The face of the heels. At the end of the necks. This anatomical vocabulary is quite fun innit. 

But here's a pic of the faceplates. Or headstock veneers, I don't know. 

Anyway the heels. This is a process I've done loads of times, I make a shallow recess with a sharp gouge, then I sand the heel on a slab of metal with sandpaper glued on until the angles are right. It takes me about half an hour to do. 

But the gouge was dull. 

And during my work with the faceplates I discovered I have carved seven alder necks, not six for the resos. I still think a spare neck might come in handy so I'll keep it in the production line for a bit. But the idea of fixing seven necks, plus the eighth for Argapa 100, with a dull guage took the fun out of the workshop. 

So I brought the whole load to the cottage where the larger workshop is. In the background you can see dad's boat. 

I set the disc sander at 89 degrees (which came naturally when aiming for 90) and went at it. 

I hollowed the face of the heels a bit on the end roller on the belt sander so it wouldn't rock. 

And checked the angles on the granite plate. 

And after thirty minutes flat all eight were done! Now on towards mounting them. 

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