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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Glueing tops

As I promised in the last post, my ramblings about scrap blocks and that will become clear in this one. 

In the pic below you can see snapped off pieces of kerfed lining strips glued around the edges. Since the large hole for the soundwell was exact in diameter I just aligned it with the skeleton and checked that the soundholes were in position. Then a few clamps and the blocks were glued with superglue. 

Of course I made all at the same time. 

Then glueing. I picked out two of them, spread glue on one of them and pressed them together to get just enough on each skeleton. Then I used my rubber roller to even it all out. 

Then put the tops on, chuck a mouse mat in between and place both in the vise. 

When all six were done and the glue dry I sawed off the excess. They are starting to look a bit like the ukes they will become!

And I finished carving the necks, finally. Had a spot of trouble with the cedar neck so all will have alder necks. Saves me te trouble of choosing which would get the cedar one. 

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