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Monday, January 14, 2019


It was time to bind the top of Li’s soprano. I bind spruce topped instruments, but those of single hardwoods I don’t always. 

First I trimmed the top flush with my wide chisel. 

Then I scribed the edge with my self made gramil. I have experienced tear-out on spruce and this helps prevent that. 

I aimed for a single piece of mahogany but the grain direction made one end of it snap so I ended up with two halves. 

Here’s the first one in place. Glueing with Titebond is nice, you have a much better open time than with ca glue. 

And both halves glued and taped, left overnight to dry. 

I am pleased with the result. If I have small gaps I can often remedy them with some spot heating and re-taping, but this time I won’t need to faff about with that. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Scattered mind, random progress

Last week, in the larger workshop, I picked out some walnut and tried the perspex template for laying out some future fugly travellers. 

And more recently, in my home workshop, I made a top for Li’s ukulele. It’ll be spruce with a mahogany rosette. I am very fond of my rosette cutter. 

After glueing in the mahogany strip I level it with chisels and scrapers. 

Then I cut it out with my Knew concepts saw. 

I needed braces so I split a square piece of spruce in three parts with a rip saw. 

And after some faffing around it’s all good. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Neck making, continued, and a template

I had an hour this morning so I continued sawing those neck blanks. First pic shows the second of a nested pair getting its headstock defined with the Pax rip saw. The left over wedge will come in handy, I reach for wedges all the time. 

I have three sopranos on the bench so I stopped at four neck blanks. The last pair can wait a bit. They’re pretty rough so some (a lot of) planing is necessary. 

I chose my no.5 jack plane for the bulk of the work. Long enough to be precise but nimble enough to adjust the surfaces quickly. 

And here they are, really straight grained and pretty mahogany. They will be perfect for the ukes I’m working on. 

But that’s not all. Remember the Fugly Traveller? Sure you do. I wnt to make some more and I need a template. With a sheet of 5 mm plexi / perspex I laid out all the lines. 

And I cut it out on the band saw and cleaned it up with files. More to follow!