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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Workbench assembled

Next post will contain an instrument, I swear! But this’ll be another one of the bench. We put the structure together and it was quite square and plumb. The long diagonals differed only a few millimetres. And it is heavy. 

Then we flipped it up onto the underside of the top, drew the mortises and chopped them. We were eager at this point, seeing the end draw closer. 

And what do you know, it fit perfectly! Makes me look tiny doesn’t it, as I sweep in the background. 

Then what I have looked forward to most of all; scrub planing the top to make sure it’s flat and with no twist. This is a modified Stanley no.4 with a heavily cambered blade and the frog backed for a large mouth opening. 

And a shot of the larger surroundings. The roof structure makes the bench look more modest I think. Next time, instruments. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mortises and tenons, and stuff

To get rid of the bulk of the material we brought the legs into the workshop and put them on the drill press. Four holes per mortise made life easier. 

Then we hacked away at the mortises, making them quite square and sort of perpendicular to the surface. The rubber mallet is one of the first tools I ever got, I think I was seven or eight years old. The chisels are much newer, I got them from Lee Valley a couple of years back. 

We secured the tenons with pegs in offset holes, look up drawboring to learn all about it. The stretchers are square and one of the assemblies is planar. The other one is ok but not perfect. I told my brother we aim for strong and stylish but we’ll settle for strong. 

Before we connect the leg assemblies with each other I started on the top tenons that will go into the underside of the benchtop. We’ll make them quite beefy. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

On to the legs and stretchers

Well, here it is. The completly assembled top before clean up and planing. It weighs a lot now. 

We glued up the legs and thicknessed them in the machine to roughly 120 x 120 mm, then picked out boards for the stretchers that will connect the legs. 

Early this morning I marked out all tenons, saving a bit at the end...

... to facilitate finishing the tenons off with the router plane. Tomorrow we’ll start making the mortises in the legs. Not a whole lot left to do now! And using the top to work on the tenons showed us that it will be a good, hefty workbench.